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Thank you for visiting. As someone who loves dogs, you'll find them in many of my books. I've written both fiction and non-fiction dog books. Some will make you laugh, and others might tug at your heartstrings a little. I also include tips on dog care, training, nutrition, grooming, and other relevant information on responsible dog ownership.

In addition to books for dog lovers, I also write thrillers, psychological thrillers, suspenseful romances, and self-help books.

You'll find all of my books and buttons to purchase them on my website. 

I often do book signings in Las Vegas and post news about upcoming events once scheduled.

Now, I introduce my books.  Scroll down, click on the covers for more details, and if you have any questions, click the chat button on the bottom right of any screen!  

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Elizabeth Parker-Author of Dog Books, Thrillers, Romance & Inspirational

Books for dog lovers, romance lovers, thrillers, romance & Inspirational Books 

Click any cover for more details and View Trailers!!

If you’re a dog lover, you will completely understand why I like to incorporate dogs into many of my books, even if they are not classified under the genre of dog books! I’ve even written the dog version of a baby book for you to record precious moments about your dog. There’s one for cat lovers as well! And they come in two sizes. One book is 6x9 and in black and white. The other baby book is 8x11 and comes in full color! There’s also a Pet Medical Journal that can be used to record all of your pet’s vet visits, expenses, and more. Perfect for one dog or multiple, as there are plenty of pages. 


Cover for my book, Finally Home- A comical book where the dog doesn't die at the end
Cover for my book Final Journey- A book about pet loss and grieving.  A book that shows you can love another dog
Cover for my book Paw Prints in the Sand
Cover for Paw Prints in the Sand: Mission Accomplished
Cover for Hearts of Gold.  Books for dog lovers
Cover for Dog baby book-Fur Baby Keepsake Book
Cover for cat baby book-Purr Baby Mementos Book
A puppy Husky and puppy German Shepherd Cover for dogs behaving badly
Cover for Bark Out loud-quotes about life and dogs
Cover for Adult coloring book with dogs
Cover for Dog Book-A book about health care and training for your puppy or dog
Three puppies by a mountain. Cover for My Dog does that book
Cover for Reflections on Life, Love and Dogs-an uplifting and motivational book
Cover for Peace, Love, Paws-best dog lovers book, a heartwarming book about rescuing dogs
A golden retriever in a pool
Cover for Pet's Medical Journal-Record all important information about your puppy or dog
Cover for Dog Baby Book- A baby book for dogs
Cover for Cat baby book- a baby book for cats

Suspenseful Romance Book, Self-Help,and Uplifting Books!

Cover for Cypress Cove-Intriguing, Suspenseful romance book that has a dog in it
Cover for The Light at the End of the Tunnel-An uplifting book about anxiety and depression and how to cope with mental illness
Cover for Virtuous Victory- an uplifting, feel-good book about making a positive impact in the world.
Cover for Passionate-A motivating and inspirational book
Cover for Enchanted-a Heartwarming, suspenseful romance book for dog lovers

Next Thriller Book to Read!

Last but not least, discover my thrillers and psychological thrillers. Each one has a different theme, so be sure to read them all when looking for your next thriller book! And yes, some even have dogs in them!

Cover for Unwanted Dreams- a mind-bending Thriller with a Twist
Cover for Phobia- A psychological thriller that will leave you breathless
a scary looking door in the clouds and a skull on top
Cover for Faces of Deception-A Thriller book
Cover for Silent Redemption-a Gripping, mind-bending thriller that will keep you reading  into the night
Cover for Blaze of Fury- A page-turning psychological thriller
Cover for Occupational Hazard - a Thriller book about serial killers

Christmas in June! Enchanted is now published!  A Heartwarming, Suspenseful Romance book for Dog Lovers.  Set in a Christmas town. 

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